SuperSoda 60L Full Exchange 425G (Gauteng Delivery Only)

The SuperSoda screw-top cylinders effortlessly connect to all 60L Sodamakers, accommodating popular 60L-compatible brands such as Arke, Bibo, Sodastream, Mysoda, Philips, and Drinkmate.

Maximize Value with SuperSoda Refills and receive 425g, instead of the standard 400g.

Choose SuperSoda – a locally owned and operated South African business, promoting and supporting local endeavors.

R179.00 (incl VAT)

I have an empty 60L Screw top cylinder which will be exhanged with the Courier upon delivery.

You will be required to hand an empty 60L cylinder to the courier as an exchange when receiving the new full SuperSoda Cylinder. Empty 60L compatible screw top cylinder for exchange. If no 60L cylinder can be handed over to the courier, the delivery of the full exchange SuperSoda cylinder cannot take place,

Note that SuperSoda cylinders will only be exchanged online.

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SuperSoda screw top cylinders seamlessly fits al 60l Sodamakers which includes the following 60l compatable makes like Arke, Bibo, Sodastream, Mysoda, Philips and  Drinkmate.

Unlock Extra Value with Supersoda Refills, receive 425g instead of the standard 400g.

Support local with SuperSoda-a proudly South African business.


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